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"A friend of mine, a local real estate broker who knows, told me the only folks to use to landscape our new home in Taos was Jimmy & Gecko. They were real busy at the time but my friend insisted I wait, that it would be worth it. And it was. Jimmy created patios and walkways, plantings were something is always in bloom, and 8 years later it looks even more beautiful and lush then when he finished. Our home is distinctive on the outside and we had no trouble selling it as everyone loved the grounds. I am grateful to Gecko. You will be, too, if you use them."

John Murphy, Taos.

"We worked with Jimmy and Gecko Landscaping, as we wanted the outside of our home to look as beautiful as the inside and reflect who we are. My wife is an artist so she was real interested in Jimmy’s creative process but we pretty much stood back and allowed him to do what he does best. He used sheet metal, truly a recycled product, in a woven metal fence that I had never seen before. And then he created a finish to my wife’s specifications. We always had something in bloom and loved what he did for us. Equally important, we are convinced we got back a three-fold return on our investment when we sold to the very first couple that came to see it. True. Simply, Gecko is the very best."

Harvey & Sharyn Blaustein, Taos